Các ví dụ của wrong



However, it may be wrong to apply the conclusion twice, even if a pair is obtained from two different paths.

Or to be told the usage one has just produced is wrong?

However, even if widespread neolithic societies did share a common set of problems it would be wrong to assume a common symbolic discourse.

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But investment in human rights is not only a moral and quasi-legal salvation from things that are still going depressingly wrong.

Based on a potential error message, they might modify a word or a sentence that is not in fact wrong and hence make things worse.

It could be argued that we trained the wrong set of words.

Perhaps they simply got the wrong biological antagonist.

It would obviously be wrong to castigate those who have prepared this second edition for not doing various things that would have been very desirable.

According to this proposal, to be wrong is to be forbidden by a set of principles no one could reasonably reject (p. 153).

They will not be denounced as ‘ ‘wrong‘ ‘ or ridiculed.

Population extinctions resulting in endemism (sole occurrence in a locality or nation) in the wrong country can be the forerunner of species extinctions.

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The unwary will be lulled into a false sense of security and happily accept a possibly wrong result.

However, it is wrong to assert that the informal sector has taken care of a large number of older people since early times.

Some pupils spotted wrong notes that had not been edited out.

In the light of these quotations, the identification between literalism and fundamentalism seems doubtful, and probably wrong.

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