holmes once again effectively examines gendered language in the workplace and provides clear ties to current theoretical frameworks.

in some instances, the programs involve professional organizations, voluntary associations, and workplaces.

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the language was no longer supported in the schools or in the workplace, and soon stopped being spoken in the home.

companies were often formed around a particular workplace, but any kind of stratification – let alone segregation – between units seems to have been very rare.

to address this question, this study examines referential practice in a particular kind of face-to-face workplace setting, the service counter of a quick print shop.

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this paper explores the way people ‘do mentoring’ in the workplace.

this study suggests that even geographically and linguistically limited open online communities are not as socially solid as, for example, workplace or school communities.

they are visitors giving a demonstration of what they do in the workplace.

the context might include details about the workplace or social situation, and information about resource constraints.

to the contrary, as this article demonstrates, the real issue was workplace safety.

it restricted the scope of his influence outside the workplace by limiting his patronage within it.

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location with respect to home and parents’ workplace(s) and opening hours were important issues.

those who support a democratic regime do not have to defy traditional authority relations within the family or in the workplace.

furthermore, she shows that many younger women are taking advantage of educational opportunities which improve their opportunities in the workplace.

similarly, our results show that older workers were less likely than younger workers to acknowledge a need for a workplace accommodation.

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