in turn this impacts the amenity value of the downstream wetland, thereby reducing the direct and indirect income generated.

where ranching predominates, wetlands provide choice dry-season pastures; corrals and milking sheds often perch on the islands.

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they are ubiquitous in seasonal and perennial wetlands and are easily transportable after drying into cakes.

these flow conditions occur for example in marshes, wetlands and overland flow in vegetated areas.

the increasing uses and rising value of the wetlands have produced competition and conflict.

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customary multiple-use wetland regimes are based upon experience accumulated over generations by local communities.

others believe that wetland drainage has no impact on flooding or are apathetic about the need to store water.

they struggle daily with issues related to farm income, soil salinization, wetland designations and regulations, drainage and private property rights.

this is an excellent chapter giving a critical yet comprehensive overview of criteria and indicators that could be of help to managers of wetland environments.

the dominance of these plants is therefore indicative of a wetland environment.

this vegetative life history strategy is important for regeneration in wetland forests with soft soil.

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similarly, the demand for cultivation plots in wetlands (dambo) has sharply increased over the past decade.

seeds, seed banks and wetlands tolerate high soil salt concentrations.

a practical method for estimating the impact of land-use change on surface runoff, groundwater recharge and wetland hydrology.

in other words, as biotic pressure increases and the wetland becomes less attractive as an ecosystem, one can expect a fall in elasticity.

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