perception of wellness is increased for the patient, family and professionals when there is less-reliance on medical technology.

imaging genetics of brain longevity and mental wellness: the next frontier?

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rehabilitation nursing has aspirations towards a more holistic approach which stresses health and wellness rather than disability and illness.

we advocate for social policies that can catalyze the realization of the laudable and complementary goals of wellness enhancement and problem prevention.

to have the patient entering into and recovering from surgery fix his or her mind on future wellness is therapeutic.

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factors promoting wellness in the aged person : an ethnographic study.

literature shows that men with incurable prostate cancer alternate between experiences of illness and wellness.

each party brings to the clinical encounter its own cultural heritage and belief system about health, illness, wellness, and disease.

unfortunately, many children in modern society grow up under family and life conditions that impede the formation of a base of psychological wellness.

early psychological wellness is a key gateway to a child’s later development.

the strategy requires giving primacy to all areas of prevention and wellness promotion, and public health nurses are arguably at the centre of that endeavour.

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the outer layer maintains the illusion of wellness, and people do maintain the illusion of being well to a point.

conversely, serious deficits in early wellness development are likely to predispose significant impediments to later wellness.

effective prevention and wellness enhancement require a nexus of supportive social policies.

to sum up, the preceding section offered policy recommendations for wellness-enhancement-type prevention steps.

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