well rounded

There are extensive fields of wellrounded boulders ranging up to 1 m in diameter.

Only from the combined experience of these first-person perspectives can we get a wellrounded sense of what it is like to be human on earth.


Medium-grained sandstones (protoquartzite) contain quite wellrounded quartz grains, quartzite lithoclasts, muscovite, plagioclase (rare) and bioclasts, especially echinoderm plates, cemented by calcite spar.

Aeolian deposits are typically wellrounded, wellsorted and medium-sized.

Each chapter has an introduction to the main themes and a wellrounded conclusion.

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In some areas, this fill-type is conglomeratic, containing wellrounded quartz pebbles.

This constant changing of focus allows a wellrounded picture to emerge.

The essays themselves are of mixed quality ranging from rather sketchy literature reviews to thoroughly researched and wellrounded pieces of research.

The time when first movement was observed also varied in wellrounded fractured pebbles.

Transaction cost economics can speak to some of these but it does not have a wellrounded explanation.

A growing body of scholarship emphasizes the necessity of including critical theory in wellrounded professional and technical writing curriculums.

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The discussion of second language acquisition contains a wellrounded review of the relevant research.

Sandstone packages commonly incorporate a basal lag of wellrounded pebbles and cobbles mostly of chert, vein quartz and felsic gneiss.

These are thickly coated, generally enclosing wellrounded, abraded grains or clasts, and only rarely display signs of stationary growth.

The conglomerates contain angular to subangular and some wellrounded pebbles, a centimetre to several decimetres in size.

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