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New Zealand Final postponed until 11 September, Australia Final postponed until further notice

The 2021 New Zealand Final has been postponed until 11 September 2021 as Wellington has gone into Level Two lockdown.

The 2021 Australia Final, originally postponed until 3 September 2021, has now been postponed to a later date (to be announced) also because of Covid-19 restrictions.


Thailand Heat and Final Postponed

The Thailand Heat and National Final have had to be postponed because of the global pandemic. Details of a rearranged date will be posted here as soon as they become available.

South African Heats Cancelled

Due to ongoing concerns with the COVID virus we have been forced to cancel the South African Heats.

School Librarians United Podcast

Amy Hermon of School Librarians United in Michigan interviews Julie Huggins of Kids’ Lit Quiz New Zealand.

Learn how Julie builds a culture of reading AND coaches a winning Kids’ Lit Quiz team!

This excellent podcast is motivational and inspirational, and is for all librarians wanting to know more about the KLQ and how to get their schools involved and their kids motivated.

Havelock North Intermediate win 2020 New Zealand Final

Many congratulations to Havelock North Intermediate, winners of the 2020 New Zealand Final held at the National Library of New Zealand on 15th November 2020. 

Second place was taken by Tauranga Intermediate, and Southwell School came third.

Welcome to the Sport of Reading!Havelock North Intermediate, Winners of the 2020 New Zealand Final

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Iona College win 2020 Australia Final

Many congratulations to Iona College (Queensland), who came first in the 2020 Australia Final held (virtually) on 23rd October.

Canberra Grammar School (Team 2) came second, and third place was taken by Frensham School (NSW).

Welcome to the Sport of Reading!

Iona College (Queensland), Winners of the 2020 Australia National Final

Binus Bekasi win 2020 Indonesia Final

Many congratulations to Binus Bekasi, who came first in the 2020 Indonesia Final held (virtually) on 6th June 2020.

Binus Serpong came second, and third place was taken by Raffles Kerbun Jeruk.


Welcome to the Sport of Reading!Binus Bekasi, Winners of the 2020 Indonesia National KLQ Final

Resumption of New Zealand Quizzes

We are delighted to announce that the postponed New Zealand quizzes will resume from 24 August 2020.

Full details of the heats and final can be found on our Schedule of Heats and Finals page.

Indonesia 2020 Heat and Final to take place on digital platform YLearn

The Indonesia 2020 Heat and Final will take place on the digital platform YLearn.

For full details please see the schedule of heats and finals for Indonesia.

Singapore 2020 Heats — CANCELLED —

We are sorry to have to announce that the Singapore 2020 Heats and Final have had to be cancelled because of the ongoing situation with COVID-19.

Suggested List of Books to Read

Wayne Mills, the KLQ Quizmaster, has put together a list of titles that KLQ fans may enjoy.

With children at home during this enforced period it doesn’t mean that they can’t travel beyond their home with titles such as these.

  • View Wayne’s Suggested List of Books to Read

Remaining 2020 Heats — POSTPONED —

All remaining regional quizzes (Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia) are on hold until further notice because of the spread of COVID-19.

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Update 22 April 2020: The Singapore 2020 competition has had to be cancelled.

Currently it is hoped that the New Zealand heats can be held in September 2020. Please check back here regularly for further details and for information about the other regional heats.

The Australia heat in Canberra, formerly announced to be postponed until 25 March, is now on hold until further notice.

Parkview Senior School win KLQ 2020 South Africa Final

Many congratulations to Parkview Senior School on winning the 2020 South Africa National Final.

Heronbridge School came second, and third place was taken by Kenridge Primary School.

Welcome to the Sport of Reading!Parkview Senior School, winners of the 2020 South Africa National Final

The Kids’ Lit Quiz is an annual literature competition for children aged 10 to 13. It puts readers onto the stage and lets them compete for fantastic prizes

Here on our website you can find out all about KLQ, try some practice questions, discover how to enter a team and view quizzes past and future (and results) on the Schedule of Heats and Finals. 

The Kids’ Lit Quiz is a not-for-profit organisation which has (or is about to obtain) charity status in some of the countries in which it operates. It is run and managed exclusively by volunteers, who give up hours of their time to enable the competition to thrive and grow. Each country has a National co-ordinator backed up by regional co-ordinators and dozens of voluntary helpers. 

Since it began in 1991 the quiz has spread across the world, with national competitions being held in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand and the USA. You can jump quickly to more information about your country using the KLQ Across the World section on the right of every page.

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