Alternative cliff habitat was evident only in the vicinities of colonies 7 and 10.

In the immediate surrounding vicinities, one finds lower-middle-class housing and paved streets.


Disappointments such as these revealed that fear of electoral reprisal from racial conservatives hamstrung many politicians who might, in other vicinities, have been far more liberal on racial issues.

The humdrum clay hosts the image for its charisma’s sake; the image is to arrest its vicinity.

When lines cross, focus upon the near line throws the far line out of focus in the immediate vicinity of the cross.

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Not only touch, but all activities carried out in the vicinity of the patient, offer the nurse an opportunity to show empathy.

In the first place no clear agricultural areas were recorded in the immediate vicinity.

The majority of cisterns and wells are concentrated in the vicinity of springs or streams providing permanent water supplies.

A small museum as well as a snack bar, a restaurant, and a souvenir shop were built in the vicinity of the attraction.

Increasingly more instances of houses that occur in each other’s close vicinity or whose actual locations even overlap are found.

Fire does not cease to burn when there is straw in the vicinity.

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We thus consider its impact among heterogeneous individuals living in the vicinity of the resource.

The tissue stresses, however, would force the extant cells in its immediate vicinity into the vacated volume.

Accidents are likely to occur where three lanes of traffic are forced into two, as in the vicinities of junctions 5 and 7.

There is no conclusive evidence of increases in allergic conditions in vicinities where this crop is cultivated.

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