Increases in plume temperature enhance the validity of the assumption.

Problems, then, are raised about the ecological validity of this constraint and the role it might play in the perception of ordinary, everyday motion.


This is why it is much easier to determine whether a philosophical principle is true than to determine the extent of its validity.

Two decisions have far-reaching implications for the validity of the results reported in this review.

It remains to be seen why (43) loses its validity for long times.

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Expedients such as reference price tables had to be used, although it was impossible to ascertain their validity.

The discovery of vortex structures in the turbulent mixing layer raises serious doubts about the validity of self-preservation arguments.

The measure also appears to have good predictive validity and correlates with a variety of physiological variables in the expected direction.

To check the validity of truss suppor ts as well, the following steps are to be per formed.

The existence of large-scale dynamics may create difficulties for certain statistical source estimation procedures, unless the validity of the underlying assumptions is evaluated carefully.

Furthermore, these studies have used a wide range of measures, with differing levels of clinical validity and sensitivity.

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However, the prohibitive amount of calculations necessary make any definite statements on the range of validity impossible.

Perhaps the most vexing aspect of this validity threat is the problems associated with polytomously scored responses, specifically deciding how to weight partially correct responses.

The validity of this distinction has been demonstrated in detailed studies of disorders affecting voice onset time in plosives.

A wealth of other factors can also be included at the researcher’s discretion to strengthen the validity of the model’s findings.

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