Examples of vacancy



Who were those most fortunate in finding vacancies quickly?

Particularly striking is the substantial increase in the number of homes with multiple vacancies.

They suggest a strong correlation between the distribution of vacancies when compared with that of whole time equivalent posts.

Indeed, many homes have multiple vacancies and have been facing financial hardships.

We knew the demand was there because we’d had so many inquiries on spec from staff members before any vacancies existed.

If there are no vacancies at the time, the application is put on file on a waiting list.

Over two-thirds of the manufacturing and public sector organisations tried first to recruit via internal search for manual, skilled manual and routine non-manual vacancies.

As a result, they will probably have vacancies that they would like to fill but cannot at the wage they are offering.

However, he had continued to look regularly at the newspapers for other vacancies.

People may have been perfectly willing and able to move, but there would be no point in moving if vacancies were few.

When the volume of vacancies notified rose from one week to the next, vacancies filled increased by almost the same amount.

In 1928 an industrial transference scheme was established to find vacancies for the unemployed in the depressed areas and to help with removal expenses.

Unemployment continued to fall and vacancies to increase, while the trade balance remained in heavy deficit.

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Members are invited to make or support nominations for these vacancies.

The standard approach to allocations among social landlords is also fundamentally bureaucratic in the way that applicants are matched with vacancies.

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Translations of vacancy

in Chinese (Traditional)

空處, 空位, (職位)空缺…

in Chinese (Simplified)

空处, 空位, (职位)空缺…

in Spanish

habitación libre, vacante, habitación libre [feminine…

in Portuguese

vaga, quarto/apartamento disponível para aluguel…

in more languages

in Japanese

in Turkish

in French

in Catalan

in Arabic

in Czech

in Danish

in Indonesian

in Thai

in Vietnamese

in Polish

in Malay

in German

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in Norwegian

in Korean

in Italian

in Russian

chambre [feminine] libre, poste [masculine] à pourvoir / vacant, poste vacant…

habitació lliure, vacant…

غُرْفة شاغِرة, وَظيفة شاغِرة…

volné místo, duchaprázdnost…

ledig stilling, fraværenhed…

ตำแหน่งว่าง, การขาดความคิด…

chỗ khuyết, tình trạng lơ đãng…

wolny pokój, (wolne ) miejsce, (wolny) etat…

kekosongan jawatan, kekosongan…

eine offene/unbesetzte Stelle, die Leere…

ledig rom [neuter], ledig stilling [masculine], ledig stilling…

camera libera, opportunità di lavoro, posto vacante…

свободный номер (в гостинице), вакансия…

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