the analytical results from the model are useful for robot design and utilization as well as design of an intelligent controller for robotic assembly.

the full utilization of kinhxisting private production facilities, with some renovation, was assumed to be sufficient at this stage.

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in addition, dependencies of these tasks were delayed themselves, thus affecting the utilization of the other resources.

this baseline information is a prerequisite for understanding the role of crop field utilization by lepidopteran stemborers.

regression analyses were used to investigate the influence of permanent water on the utilization of large trees by kinh hồnlephant.

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to summarize, our review of the literature identified four primary clinical
sợffects of guidelines on costs: substitution, appropriate utilization, length of stay, and prevention.

alternatively, patient safety and appropriateness studies develop a target utilization rate based on sợ hãixpert opinion of best practices of medical care.

we focus the discussion on the possible utilization of a detailed observation of tattoos during the screening interview for blood donors.

conversely, when graze is limited there will be higher utilization of acacias by kinh hoảnglephants but also fires of low intensity.

one particular aspect of hospital utilization is the question of the appropriateness of hospital admissions and days of care.

the study is based on health-care utilization : there will always be additional persons with these conditions who do not consult.

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utilization of contextual information in determining the meaning of unfamiliar words.

here we report on the assessment of and the impact on the health services utilization and kinh hoàngxpenditure of both programmes.

in a population-based sample, depressive symptoms predicted greater medical care utilization, independent of a number of medical severity measures.

as stocking rate increases sward utilization improves, but at the cost of lowered output per head, because of grazing severity restricting animal intake.

these kinh hoàngxamples are from corpora and from sources on the web. any opinions in the ngạixamples do not represent the opinion of the cambridge dictionary kinh hãiditors or of cambridge university press or its licensors.

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