Consequently, there is an urgent need for the development of novel therapies for the treatment of osteomyelitis.

Such changes, which had by then become urgent, were also welcomed, for they reflected an almost universally acknowledged need.


A number of such buildings were in every respect in urgent need of restoration.

However, according to the editorial, this goal had become even more urgent in the present epoch.

There is an urgent need for more socioeconomic information in this field to help set guidelines for the future.

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The urgent need to improve health care quality.

Greek tragedy concerns a single problem that becomes more and more urgent until it culminates in crime.

Information from unconventional sources not related to the industry carries the extra burden of having to be proved relevant or urgent.

At the same time, the need for careful linguistic description is as urgent as ever, for the dual purposes of scientific inquiry and clinical application.

Taking patient age distribution and medical advances into account, this will become a major medical problem of the twenty-first century; one that requires urgent attention.

However, if the medical conditions of those others will deteriorate while they await treatment, that could put even more people in “urgent need” of treatment.

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When the question about the goal is answered, the question about conditions for such successful achievements becomes even more urgent.

Whatever the interpretation, the cumulative research and survey data since 1978 suggests an urgent need to took at the justifications, dynamics and effectiveness of grouping.

Our fieldwork pointed up two further areas of concern, both of which need close and urgent attention in programmes of professional development for heads.

Cuts in benefit, combined with urgent demands to move into compliance, may be more appropriate as an immediate response.

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