we use fresh names to uniquely instantiate process-abstractions underneath binders, so that we are able to reabstract over them after analysis.

one has the rare opportunity to prise underneath the ‘official mind’ of patriotism, and to gauge public reaction through press reports and periodical articles.

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finally, preliminary results indicate that the soil seedbank underneath the evenly burned organic horizon appeared to have been largely destroyed throughout both plots.

the radiator underneath the rover has a viewfactor to the ground.

in the old debate, egoists do indeed argue that what appears to be unselfish behaviour is always and everywhere and underneath selfish behaviour.

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motors can be mounted on either side of the axis, or underneath, to reduce its overall length.

then you figure out how best to communicate what the text is doing underneath to actors.

the graffiti were reproduced in what looked like their original writing and language, each dated underneath like a signature.

since there is no fluid underneath, there is no need for the no slip and no separation boundary condition.

the sea ice begins to wear away from underneath, so the snow melting on top is the early indication of ice melt stages.

immunoreactivity is often associated with vesicular-like elements and distributed underneath the plasma membrane.

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the outlet component(o) is the region immediately underneath the arterial (pulmonary) valve.

the net effect of these two volumes fluxes is an accumulation of fluid underneath the disturbance crest and an increase in the interfacial displacement.

he imputes that although she is a chaste wife, she is also, underneath, a femme fatale.

underneath the focus on medieval or classical subjects is a massive cultural anxiety.

these examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the cambridge dictionary editors or of cambridge university press or its licensors.

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