relapse during the first year can be reduced substantially from about 50% to 5% if treatment corresponds to that used for duodenal ulcers.

while the general principles of pressure ulcers management seems to be wellestablished, controversy exists over specific areas of prevention and treatment.

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several strategies are available for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

description of pressure ulcer pain at rest and at dressing change.

in patients who did not undergo surgery, biopsies were obtained from nasal or palatine ulcers or the affected sinus.

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in a longer perspective, many people are affected by leg swelling, varicose veins, and slowly healing leg ulcers (conditions not addressed in this report).

this article reviews the use of short stretch bandages against multi-layer bandaging for venous leg ulcers.

pressure-reducing devices are effective in improving the healing rate of pressure ulcers.

an ulcer which fails to heal despite adequate therapy should be biopsied to exclude malignant change.

therapy for pressure ulcers is generally empiric, based on anecdotal experience, or borrowed from the treatment of patients with acute wounds.

gastro-enterologists will be surprised to read that peptic ulcer is ‘ that classic psychosomatic symptom ‘ (p. 297).

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osteomyelitis is often difficult to distinguish from a simple ulcer, and radiology is rarely of additional assistance.

the localized cutaneous form is the most frequent, characterized by the presence of skin ulcers.

little quantitative work, however, has been done in the area of preventing pressure ulcers through patient and caregiver education following discharge.

the pressure ulcer in one patient could not be classified.

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