Ubuntu MATE – Wikipedia

Ubuntu MATE – Wikipedia

ubuntu mate (pronounced ‘uu-buun -too ma-tay’) is a
miễn phí and open-source linux distribution and an official derivative of ubuntu. its main differentiation from ubuntu is that it uses the mate desktop environment as its default user interface (based on gnome 2), instead of the gnome 3 desktop environment that is the default user interface for ubuntu.[1][2]


the ubuntu mate project was founded by martin wimpress and alan pope[3] and began as an unofficial derivative of ubuntu, using an ubuntu 14.10 base for its first release;[4] a 14.04 lts release followed shortly.[5] as of february 2015, ubuntu mate gained the official ubuntu flavour status from canonical ltd. as per the release of 15.04 beta 1.[6][7] in addition to ia-32 and x86-64 which were the initial supported platforms, ubuntu mate also supports powerpc and armv7 (on the raspberry pi 2 and 3[8] as well as the odroid xu4[9]).

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in april 2015, ubuntu mate announced a partnership with british computer reseller entroware, enabling entroware customers to purchase desktop and laptop computers with ubuntu mate preinstalled with full support.[10] several other hardware deals were announced later.

in ubuntu mate 18.10, 32-bit support was dropped.[11]

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current release release no longer supported release still supported future release
version codename release date supported until remarks
14.04 lts trusty tahr updating april 2019

released after the 14.10 release in order to provide long-term support until 2019, following ubuntu.[5]

14.10[12] utopic unicorn updating july 2015

first release of ubuntu mate.[4]

15.04 vivid vervet updating[13] january 2016

first release as an official ubuntu flavour.[1]

15.10[14] wily werewolf updating[15] july 2016

features mate 1.10, ubuntu software centre not installed by default.[16]

16.04 lts xenial xerus updating april 2019[17]

first official lts release; features mate 1.12.x de, expanded welcome application and software boutique; has zfs built in by default.[18][19]

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16.10 yakkety yak updating[20] july 2017 full gtk3+ implementation of the mate desktop. most default applications are “recommended” and can thus be uninstalled without issue.[21]
17.04 zesty zapus updating january 2018 previous non-lts ubuntu mate release, with nine months of support. concludes the migration to gtk3+.[22]
17.10[23] artful aardvark updating july 2018 previous non-lts release. 17.10.1, was released on 12 january 2018. it fixed a problem that prevented the uefi & bios firmware.[24]
18.04 lts[25][26][27][28] bionic beaver updating april 2021 previous lts release. support gpd pocket & pocket 2, raspberry pi b2/b3/b3+ [29][30][31]
18.10[32][33][34] cosmic cuttlefish updating july 2019 previous non-lts 64-bit-only release, end of 32-bit support. features mate 1.20.[35][36][37]
19.04 disco dingo updating january 2020 previous non-lts 64-bit-only release. features mate 1.20 and nvidia drivers.[38]
19.10 eoan ermine updating july 2020 non-lts 64-bit-only release. features mate 1.22.2 and replaces vlc with gnome mpv as default media player.[39]
20.04 lts focal fossa updating april 2023 current lts 64-bit-only release. features mate 1.24.[40]
20.10 groovy gorilla updating july 2021 features mate 1.24.1[41]
21.04 hirsute hippo updating january 2022 current release, 64-bit-only. features mate 1.24.2[42]


in a may 2016 review jesse smith of distrowatch concluded, “despite my initial problems getting ubuntu mate installed and running smoothly, i came away with a positive view of the distribution. the project is providing a very friendly desktop experience that requires few hardware resources by modern standards. i also want to tip my hat to the default theme used on ubuntu mate.”[43]

as of august 2017, ubuntu mate ranked at 24 on the distrowatch 6 month page hit ranking.[44]

dedoimedo reviewed ubuntu mate in july 2018, and wrote that “[ubuntu mate offers] a wealth of visual and functional changes … you really have the ability to implement anything and everything, and all of it natively, from within the system’s interface.”.[45]

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  • official website
  • ubuntu mate at distrowatch

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