We do need a term for this category of towns in this long period.

The results of such progressive diversification can be seen even in smaller towns.


The most recent census reports should enable us to establish the differential migration rates to towns and cities.

In this zone, craft production occurred in both cities / towns and rural communities.

Finally, parents often continued to send their children to schools and colleges in nearby towns even though these were now just across the border.

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As the individual towns, their tribute requirements, or the imperial status of the provinces changed over time, the document could be modified accordingly.

The geographical isolation limits educational opportunities, knowledge of opportunities elsewhere, and kinship ties in cities and towns which would help emigration.

In the wake of this, the farm lands and the towns were reclaimed by the encroaching forest.

Accepting the town’s claim to dominion helped communities safeguard their lands and a degree of autonomy.

Competition is strong among seed companies, which in turn assures a reasonable cost of seed and a ready seed supply in all market towns.

At the other end of the scale, however, the league of towns might perhaps be considered as a particular form of grand fraternity.

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Industry now dictated the form of the most widely circulated representations of provincial manufacturing towns.

A claim of dominion was used, in turn, to legitimise the town’s right to call on the indigenous population for labour service.

Prior to the study, the team responsible for sample collection in the 25 towns in the region received instruction regarding the characteristics of the investigation.

The annual death toll went in both towns from less than 5,000 burials per annum around 1600 to around 20,000 in the 1670s.

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