Let the world apply the economic tourniquet and that flickering flame of change will be turned into a barrier of self-defence.

It is applying a tourniquet to the lifeblood of industry.


Then a sharp turn of the tourniquet was necessary to stop our lifeblood from flowing away.

I used the analogy of the tourniquet as an example.

I fear that we turned the tourniquet too tightly when dealing with an inflationary surge.

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Be that as it may, the hæmorrhage could not have been allowed to continue, and a tourniquet of some kind was required.

It took forty years to set the railways free from that commercial tourniquet.

It is still far too much: but at least a tourniquet has been applied and is beginning to work.

I regarded that as a tourniquet applied in a crisis situation in which certain measures had to be taken.

It is like applying a tourniquet to stop the flow of blood.

So all three elements in what up till now has been a relatively flexible system will be tightened up into a triple tourniquet.

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This country was undoubtedly bleeding to death, financially and industrially, and the first thing to do was to apply a tourniquet.

Tourniquets of all kinds are being put upon our road transport system and what is the result?

It is as if in the case of the human body you were to apply tourniquets to stop the circulation of the blood.

I regard them as being like a tourniquet.

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