totem pole

Women of low-ranking lineages, for example, are also found at the bottom of the ritual totem pole, occasionally with dramatic negative consequences.

I am worried that we are dancing round objective 1 status like a totem pole.


It is as though they needed a sort of totem pole around which to dance this ritual dance.

It has been a totem pole: protect the pound at all costs.

There is always one totem pole that must be saved.

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It is a bit of a symbolic question—it is a bit of a totem pole question.

The public sector borrowing requirement is not a totem pole.

It suggested that we should not make a totem pole of the public sector borrowing requirement.

Cutting education and training budgets, almost by definition, hits those at the bottom of the educational totem pole.

In economic terms that is his totem pole.

I really think it is about time we got rid of that particular totem pole.

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If the language of priorities is the religion of socialism, then competition is the totem pole of the market—any competition.

It is not a totem pole of any kind.

They are no more than a totem pole around which the zealots dance.

Why does he not recognise reality and cancel that extravagant and irrevelant status symbol and totem pole?

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