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We are a business-focused organization of people helping people. Referral and word of mouth continue to be some of the most powerful business divers available, but even in today’s multi-platform world, finding clients, projects and alliances is still a challenge. Tipclub bridges the gap between digital and personal by providing strategic networking tools and support to help professionals and businesses succeed.

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Strategic Networking!

Work smarter, and not necessarily harder, when you build relationships with a purpose and a plan. We provide the tools to support your commitment to building your business, on your timeline, and your terms.

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Tipclub Challenge App!

Why keep pitching to numerous and unqualified prospects, when you could jump straight to the one that’s looking for your products or services? Tipclub can’t close the deal for you, but it can stack the deck in your favor with the Tipclub Challenge App.

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Tipclub Online!

The Tipclub website allows you to learn more and build active connections with Tipclub members. Find out who is in your area and learn more about different industries and needs. Identify potential strategic partnerships, develop business relationships and stay connected when you can’t be face-to-face.

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Tipclub Premier Membership!

Our annual membership that gives you access to our full suite of strategic networking tools, including face-to-face meetings (subject to availability). Create a plan for more effective networking with our digital and face-to-face mix, identify highly targeted opportunities, build long term relationships and become a part of an effective and collaborative group designed to help everyone succeed.

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