Though test-retest reliability was typically considered pre-requisite, any of the other criteria could tilt the ranking either upward or downward.

In the remaining 12 subjects, vasopressin elevated to an appropriate level for the corresponding hypotension that tilting induced.


As the stretched tube moves downstream, the tilting becomes more pronounced with increasing time.

The existence of intermediates is sometimes apparent directly in the kinetics or can be ferreted out by using denaturants to tilt the landscape.

The mirror is tilted in order to reinject the reflected beam along an optimal return path back into the gain region of the plasma.

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Throughout 1968 the balance of payments still tilted heavily towards deficit, and sterling holders continued to diversify.

Finally, the two two-layer vortices are assumed to be vertically tilted.

The inclination of the horizon corresponds to the tilting angle of the vehicle.

Actuation of the lift and tilt hydraulic cylinders is achieved by specifying a valve position for lift and tilt respectively.

Computer-controlled motors help in individually moving the cameras, changing the focus, zoom, aperture, or tilting the stereo pair.

The classical tomography approach requires many pictures of the same particles tilted into different orientations.

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In the example, the head tilts toward the spatial location associated with the subject while eye gaze targets the location of the object.

The two other cameras are mounted in a turret that is remotely panned and tilted as required for guidance by the operator.

They identify critical tilting directions and develop a complete algorithm to find tilt sequences by searching the finite tree of all sequences.

As the effort to act collectively encountered frustration, the energy tilted from idealist education and corporatist participation towards spectatorship, buttressed by inflating rhetoric.

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