Examples of throwback



Or they may be just a throwback to the old days when every phone number began with a real word, called an exchange.

The idea that districts should circle a group of voters who share a set of distinct interests is a historical throwback to the colonial and medieval origin.

Fisher men who abide by size limits first use casual inspection to sort their catch into keepers and throwbacks.

It is the acts of barbarity, a throwback from the past; it is the violence that we have lived with for so long.

That is a throwback to the neoclassical economics idea that macro-economics is merely micro-economics writ large.

It is a throwback to the 1960s and it deserves the support of no one.

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Is not it about time that we got rid of that throwback to medieval times?

In my view, the attitude is a throwback to the era of obsessive secrecy which should be over.

It is a throwback that should be thrown back.

I suppose that that is a throwback to the pensions business.

Perhaps we were listening to a throwback to that a few moments ago.

The placeman is a throwback to the 19th century.

The dispute is also a throwback in another way.

Perhaps it is a throwback to the era of shortages during and immediately after the war.

For instance, throwbacks to primeval types are often created.

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Translations of throwback

in Chinese (Traditional)

返祖者, 類似先前種類的東西…

in Chinese (Simplified)

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返祖者, 类似先前种类的东西…

in Portuguese

regresso, retrocesso…

in more languages

in Polish

in Turkish

in Russian

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