Linguists do regret the lack of training that pupils have in such basic grammatical terminology and analysis.

We now present the set of typing rules that define the legal terms of the system, but first we introduce some terminology and notation.


Clearly, in many instances where significant contributions have been made to our understanding of electroacoustic music, authors have created and suggested new terminology.

This helps readers of the later papers in the volume to see how the various stratigraphic terminologies relate from basin to basin.

The reason for this terminology relies on the following result.

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The transformation (4.3) is a stretching transformation in the terminology of singular perturbation problems.

This dual terminology has come into use quite recently.

To use its own economic terminology, they have not acquired a dominant position let alone a monopoly.

This terminology is referred to when the process takes place either north or south of the reconnection point.

The terminology referring to these types of adverbs is not entirely uniform among scholars.

With these extensions, terminology identification becomes the foundation of an operational environment for document processing and content abstraction.

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Secondly, a single individual may produce variability on account of a number of ‘ grammars ‘ (as understood in earlier theoretical terminology) in his command.

In our view, there are two main problems with such proposals, or at least with the terminology, if such processing is described as purely lexical.

We call the defined constants x and f operators (a terminology reflecting their use in type classes).

We simply want to resist the misleading connotations of this terminology. 11.

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