by “tenderness” he means humanity, compassion, fellow feeling, and sympathy.

he treats his conversation group with open affection and tenderness.

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in addition, synovitis, warmth, tenderness, and joint effusions may be present, particularly in the knee, even in the absence of an underlying crystal arthropathy.

second, there are local reactions including lymph node tenderness and lymphangitis among others, which are caused by tissue inflammation around dying adult worms.

most frequently reported symptoms were breast tenderness\pain and bloating\weight gain, followed by affective symptoms.

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they are supremely conflicted characters, in whose personalities the forces of evil – bloodlust, desire for revenge, and hatred – do battle with softness, tenderness and love.

but the tenderness of humour survives even this deadening interruption of the old relationship.

one has to be wary of the tenderness of law and lawyers.

the teacher shows a bit more tenderness towards them.

limitation of voluntary motion and tenderness to touch are acceptable and both are usually present.

the whistle, a familiar one, is easy-going; one has for it the tenderness that one has for a good old train siren like this one.

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but also positive factors such as love and tenderness could elicit tears, where feelings of the loss of close relationships caused suffering.

tenderness is the natural complement of strength: none are so truly mild as the most powerful natures.

they may be asymptomatic or cause local irritation or tenderness.

rather, she sees a marriage that mostly worked and was marked by tenderness, sexuality, companionship, and the shared interests of parenthood and politics.

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