compared to children with tantrums, children with rages were significantly younger, female, and more likely to suffer from speech0language problems.

in addition, increased generalized frontal brain activity was associated with higher levels of negative affect, hostility, tantrums, and aggression.

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attempts to interrupt their routines are frequently met with temper tantrums or aggression.

the personality changes include temper tantrums, bouts of crying, and mood swings.

as she had a tantrum, she produced a great deal of monosyllabic denials.

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stints of packing props for ballet companies, and sweeping stages while great actors threw tantrums, gave him a healthy scepticism of the profession.

externalizing symptoms include hostile defiance, destructive behavior, temper tantrums, impulsivity, and poor frustration tolerance.

the fact that obsessional behaviours and temper tantrums are not universal would be explained by differential influences on development and the stage of developmental arrest.

similarly, children with the diagnosis of social phobia may cry or throw temper tantrums when they become anxious, although adults typically display other symptoms.

the scale for over t conduct problems consisted of 23 items, such as argues, disobedient, fights, and tantrums.

the second factor extracted consisted of obsessive behaviour, temper tantrums, violent/ aggressive behaviour and possessiveness.

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furthermore, increased generalized frontal activation was found to be related to higher levels of negative affect, hostility, and tantrums and aggression.

in both groups, average scores exceeded 1 on four items : distractible, temper tantrums, no sense of danger and stubborn.

he analyzes in detail “distressing events” or seemingly irrational temper tantrums to develop a theory of cognitive development based on the sequentiality of conversational interaction.

a toddler in a playgroup watches as a peer has a temper tantrum after an adult has taken away the peer’s toy.

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