sweet potato

Common species of vegetables cultivated on the plots were tomato, spinach, potato, sweet potato and chillies.

An analysis of the protein content of seventeen sweet potato samples of thirteen different varieties gave a mean figure of 0-85 % of fresh weight.


In this paper we have classified eight basic staples as food crops : maize, sorghum, millet, cassava, rice, groundnuts, all beans and sweet potato.

In many parts of the country, water is an important factor limiting the productivity of sweet potato.

This was also true for the upper epidermis of tannia and sweet potato where stomata were present.

In general review articles, the sweet potato is invariably described as drought tolerant, but sensitive to water-logging.

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The principal feedstuffs used for sheep fattening are farmproduced sweet potato and maize.

Relatively little is known about the water requirements, and yield responses to water, of the sweet potato.

Vegetables like amaranth during the monsoon, and potato, sweet potato and tomato in winter could easily be sold in the local markets.

The effect of leaf water status on stomatal activity, transpiration and nitrate reductase of sweet potato.

Except for whitefly sample no. 18 (table 1) collected from sweet potato and tested only at generation 0, isofemale lines were established from the other samples as follows.

As with tannia and sweet potato, the lower epidermis of taro had a significantly higher stornatal density than the upper epidermis of the same plant, whether in sun or shade.

There are no published values of k for sweet potato for comparison, but the variation between treatments suggests that, for this crop, it is not a conservative trait.

Linear measurement and weight methods for estimation of leaf area in cassava and sweet potato.

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The sweet potato as a crop is extinct or nearly so.



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