they also point vividly upwards to the absence of supportive political scripts amid ruthless, market-driven processes of global social change.

here, welfare recipients are less supportive of traditional moral principles, while social insurance participants are more so.

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however, such avoidant behavior thereby reduces the child’s exposure to models of appropriate social interaction and reduces the opportunities to form supportive social bonds.

they also suggest some promising avenues for creating more supportive classroom environments and helping students deal with their anxieties.

when they were rated as fully positive, one in every two (50%) became more supportive of democracy.

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prognosis is generally good, with most patients recovering completely with only supportive therapy [6,7].

perhaps there are larger differences related to familial alcoholism in parents’ aversive, negative parenting than in the supportive and consistent parenting measured here.

nevertheless, some caution is warranted in devising supportive measures.

ties between parents and adult children are the strongest and most broadly supportive.

baltes et al. (1994), for example, have shown that nursing home staff can be re-oriented from employing a dependency-support script to an independence-supportive script.

in the main they wanted practical help, but also expressed appreciation of the social workers’ understanding and supportive attitudes.

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one makes a doxastic venture when one takes to be true a proposition that one believes, while recognizing that one lacks sufficient supportive evidence.

the relationship between public opinion and government positions again appears to be negative: the less supportive public opinion is, the more supportive governments are.

they encounter a number of problems when providing this care, including patient fears and access to supportive care.

accordingly, the current study considered both parent – adolescent supportive relationships and adolescent màn chơis of symptomatology when predicting young adult outcomes.

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