however, this default constraint on the orientation of the straw is not permanent.

moreover, the straw man the critics have attacked has in some cases been made of real straw.

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this question might be dismissed as a straw-man argument against a version of strong adaptationism.

other farmers chose to harvest seed and straw at maturity.

his toppling of straw men does not tell us much about the genuine merits of the positivist stance.

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it provided “a straw man in contrast to which the diverse-even incompatible-character of various streams of recent scholarship is obscured” (273).

they were kept on straw and were fed hay twice daily.

when the finger millet was dry, the straw was cut, removed and applied as a mulch to treatment 4 (high vigour).

except for the 1992 growing season, straw production remained low without any mulch despite fertilizer application.

it is interesting to note here that the final straw for her neighbours was the repeated playing of the song.

its seed is a rich source of protein, minerals, and vitamins for human nutrition, and the straw is a valued animal feed.

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no association is required with this method as the selection is direct rather than indirect, as it is with coins, straws, and dice.

in case of a straw that may be lying horizontal on the work-space, the default orientation is vertical.

effect of straw addition on nitrous oxide and methane emissions from stored farmyard manures.

eventually they come to an agreement that the wife will disguise herself as a child by putting on a straw hat decorated with flowers.

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