The excited atom interacts with the vacuum fluctuations which cause the spontaneous emission of radiation.

The appearance of spontaneous errors depends on noise, but also on the relative confusability of the targets.


She only produced 221 spontaneous utterances across the three contexts used to elicit language samples, during which she produced the verbs forget and know spontaneously.

Many of the spontaneous productions, however, were as single word utterances.

All three children were fully able to understand both languages at ageappropriate levels and could produce spontaneous utterances in both languages before recording commenced.

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All the other forms without any specification were produced in what apparently were spontaneous utterances.

The distinct spontaneous activities of different bipolar cell types might provide a cue for the activity-dependent segregation of multiple parallel visual pathways.

Paradoxically, for all the precision of its organisation, the piece gives the impression of being free and spontaneous, almost improvisatory.

The final counts for the main rating task were 12 words, 10 sentences, 1 read paragraph, and 1 spontaneous paragraph.

Spontaneous interaction and elicited production are clearly separated.

In contrast, in spontaneous speech, some of the children’s third singular -s use reflected commentary on a present action.

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In addition, nine were for the spontaneous speech sample, while two were for the scientific passage, and one was for the dramatic passage.

The children in this study performed more poorly on elicitation than spontaneous language tasks.

This data does not distinguish between spontaneous versus assisted reproduction.

Neonatal outcome of spontaneous and assisted twin pregnancies.

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