As a result, the process of formalization retains all the vitality of the miraculous in its very formulation of rigid specifics.

However, this second process of transformation is different since the novelist is less tied to the specifics of facts, time and place.


Here the specifics of contextual therapy are described.

The extent to which this difference matters will depend on the specifics.

We leave the specifics of this matter for future research.

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The specifics relevant to precedent autonomy may combine in a variety of ways in different cases.

The exact nature of that bias, however, as they show, may evolve within the specifics of each task context.

Such specifics appeared to receive attention in a fairly random way, and there were notable omissions from the specifics attended to.

The impact of this transition depends on the specifics of a country’s pensions and bereavement-benefit policies.

Not only does his thought take us down dangerous paths, but these are directed by the specifics of a lifeworld.

Still, some specifics in this report were not accurate.

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In the general case, selection of the proper criterion depends on specifics of the problem under consideration.

First, dispersed groups will not have strong preferences about the technical specifics of crisis response policies.

Economic technocrats are likely to have a significant influence on such policy specifics.

The overview is quite useful for getting a feeling for the system as a whole before launching into the articles on the specifics.

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