This strengthens the case for work factors having a greater impact on socioeconomic inequalities in psychological distress among men.

This conflicting opinion, together with complex cultural and socioeconomic issues surrounding wetlands, has given rise to a plethora of views on how to develop wetlands.


Socioeconomic status was determined by developing a socioeconomic index score based on employment, parent’s employment, area of residence, and level of education.

In addition, this disease is associated with a significant socioeconomic impact, often involving long-term disability and costly treatments.

Family socioeconomic status has consistently been shown to relate positively to children’s vocabulary size and lexical production.

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Moreover, mature trees ready for harvest may be grown for historical, socioeconomic, and geographical reasons, rather than due to the management effort.

In the developing countries infant mortality still remains a sensitive indicator of socioeconomic standards.

A laissez-faire approach towards self-help, in consequence, will merely reinforce rather than reduce the existing socioeconomic and gender inequalities.

The remaining two subjects were excluded because of the absence of demographic or socioeconomic data.

Patients come from all socioeconomic groups either directly or after referral from other hospitals.

The legislature updates government’s policies to adjust to socioeconomic and political changes, and new laws represent changes in current policies.

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The males of the lower socioeconomic households migrated to other regions to obtain food for the family, thus affecting frequency of intercourse.

There was a statistically significant higher seroprevalence in the low socioeconomic status group in 1990 samples, but this was not observed in 1996.

These divides and gaps can occur between socioeconomic and ethnic groups in the same country and also among nations.

The book’s central theoretical claim is that institutionalised parties are critical to regime stability, particularly in countries with powerful socioeconomic actors.

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