each is clearly identified by its architecture, signage and entrance canopies.

figures 4 and 5 show uses in signage.

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i suspect that the trust is one of the organisations that has more signage than anyone.

potential customers are able to make informed choice by identifying the smoking policies in public houses and restaurants through appropriate signage.

we understand that concern, especially as the present law is very restricted on signage.

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obviously, signage or way-marking will help, as will the provision of clear and definite paths.

the company is seeing what can be done about better visitor management flow and signage.

i was trying to refer to the specific signage for speed cameras and the more general signage for speed limits.

i think that there is too much road signage, but that is not a matter for this debate.

how will farmers pay for the costs of signage and information?

there is little or no cash to hand at present to mend stiles or to spend modestly on signage.

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the office spent £2,988 on branding in 1999–2000, relating mainly to new building signage.

there will be a need for changes to physical features such as loop systems, signage or wheelchair access.

the general road traffic signage that we have been familiar with for years relies almost entirely on symbols alone, alas often much too close together.

we require much better signage so that motorists and others can see clearly what they are and are not allowed to do.

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