Examples of sightseeing



We prefer walking and looking at scenery and wildlife to big-city sightseeing and shopping.

Their visits, however, were not sightseeing tours, but pilgrimages.

Each season brought at least 100-plus land-based adventure tourists as well as a steady rise in the number of sightseeing flights.

Will it be possible, therefore, for them to be so controlled that people will not be able to visit them on sightseeing holidays?

Informal countryside recreation such as pleasure motoring, picnicking and sightseeing attracts enormous numbers of people.

It may well be that the sun, sea and sand sightseeing tour which dominated the 1980s is in decline.

Success can be as simple as sightseeing or farm visits.

It will be a great pity if the amenities for fishing and sightseeing are spoiled.

Walking and sightseeing are still the most popular activities, but more organised or active forms of recreation are on the increase.

They are particularly interested in historic sights, sightseeing and rambling.

It is by no means just a story of package holidays and sightseeing.

So far as local sightseeing tours are concerned, again the powers under traffic management regulations apply only to stopping places.

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When they have leisure to do so, they should not be debarred from going out shopping or sightseeing, or visiting their relations or friends.

The coaches are used for sightseeing tours, and the sights are well worth seeing.

Its banks are packed with history and, therefore, it is a wonderful place from which to do sightseeing.

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Translations of sightseeing

in Chinese (Traditional)


in Chinese (Simplified)


in Spanish

turismo, hacer turismo…

in Portuguese

visitas turísticas, turismo…

in more languages

in Japanese

in Turkish

in French

in Catalan

in Arabic

in Czech

in Danish

in Indonesian

in Thai

in Vietnamese

in Polish

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in Malay

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in Korean

in Italian

in Russian

şehir turu, ilginç yerleri gezip görme…

tourisme [masculine], tourisme, touristique…

sightseeing, sightseeing-…

melawat tempat-tempat menarik…

Besichtigung von Sehenswürdigungen, Besichtigungs-……

sightseeing [masculine], sightseeing, omvisning…

giro turistico, (visita turistica), turistico…

осмотр достопримечательностей…

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