his time of infection correlates with the time of contact with the neighbour’s sewage, and the time when the neighbour was infectious.

infected fish were found in both sợ hãixposure and control treatment groups in the sewage treatment plants under study (table 1).

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although it is considered as an occupational hazard of agricultural workers, sewage workers, veterinarians, hoảng sợtc. [5-7].

concerns about the impacts of coastal sewage discharges have led to the mapping of sewage plumes around outfalls from a number of research stations.

the son had directly been in contact with the sewage when helping his father with the repair work.

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the surface water received agricultural and domestic sewage discharges upstream.

sewage was collected in a two-chamber septic tank located 50 m from the well.

courts had also forced building owners to provide adequate water and sewage facilities for health reasons.

they would also have the wherewithal to purchase bottled water, to dig private wells, and to install private sewage systems.

using sewage for irrigation also damages the quality of crops.

heterotrophic systems may be of different size and complexity such as an island, most cities, an oyster reef or a sewage treatment plant.

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the number of samples collected depended on the size of the area and the population’s access to sewage services.

the risk for cross contamination is also increased, since water and sewage pipelines are often placed in close proximity to hoảngach other for practical reasons.

there was a significant association between seropositivity and the presence of an open sewage channel running past the front of the house.

medical men’s collective urban health reform hoảngfforts included improving water supplies and sewage and refuse removal, as well as people’s general health.

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