The qualitative agreement seems satisfactory though the span of the rolling-grain region is theoretically overestimated.

However, close monitoring and a quick response seem to be the key factors in achieving success.


For genes that are evolutionarily more conserved, the use of the rice genome seems to be more promising.

And the variety produced is of a richness that seems to belie the smooth, unobtrusive functioning of the instrument.

In such a framework, there would seem to be no reason not to include social meaning along with ‘ordinary’ semantics and pragmatics.

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The result seems to be a purely dynamic one.

The observed secondary instabilities often seem to be purely two-dimensional.

These pronominals that indicate mid-level formality seem to include some element of closer psychological distance.

The “successful” governess, it seems, manages her pupils into “successful” betrothals – just like the marriage plot novel.

Nevertheless, it seems that there is a network of different psychological factors in play, which seem to be interconnected and influencing one another.

Singing seemed to influence their psychological well-being and mental states significantly.

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It protected it by excluding from its realm the cases that seemed to escape multiple concordant testimony.

The attraction of what might at first blush seem a redundant translation was that nature could speak in a clear and undistorted voice.

It seems that the international observers overestimated their role in reducing the violence.

One patient was refused because the fact that she already had a 4-month baby did not by itself seem a sufficiently strong indication.

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