Elasticities obtained vary from 0.6, 0.7 to 1.5 or even 1.7 in two scenarios.

However, we argue that scenarios conceptually equivalent to the muddy children puzzle can occur in robotics.


Over a range of vaccination scenarios the model informs as to the effectiveness of various levels of vaccination coverage on prison reception.

Table 5 shows these scenarios in a 2r2 table.

In each version, the order of the scenarios was held constant, but the order of the conditions was counterbalanced.

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In political science, the task is more difficult, and requires either comparative analysis or the careful use of counterfactual scenarios.

In both scenarios, almost half of the redistribution away from the top quintile went to the third and fourth quintiles.

Both scenarios do not bode well for his academic future.

Two alternative scenarios were simulated aiming at improved energy self-reliance in the organic cash crop farms.

As some of the scenarios are based on very few cases from the database, generalizability of the results is also limited.

Both these scenarios elicit staff responses which in themselves influence the patient’s reactance and involvement in rehabilitation.

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There are two possible scenarios in which they are not both true.

Participants rated pairs of test scenarios that varied on characteristics such as test sensitivity and painfulness.

Statistical scenarios forecast a moderate increase in life expectancy and decrease in mortality.

An advantage of modeling is the low cost of simulating treatment program costs and consequences for chronic diseases in selected scenarios using available short-run data.

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