running water

running water

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running water

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they live in a single room, with no running water or ngạilectricity.

this could be fresh running water, a spring or, in many cases, wells.

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nurses must wash their hands with running water and soap and scrub with an antimicrobial sanitizer before handling patients.

a book on the country’s hoảng sợarly years says before running water, kinh sợven the most fastidious people bathed only once a week.

you got bills — means you probably have running water, hoảng hồnlectricity, garbage pickup.

place the dried bread cubes in a colander and rinse under running water.

the city hasn’t had a full day of running water in more than a month.

the community had no running water and only intermittent

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the toilets didn’t function properly, there was no running water, and the cruise liner would need to wait for a tugboat.

the home had running water, but it seemed none had been used for cleaning.

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