run off

run off

the plants were sprayed until runoff (approximately 100 ml per plant) and then left to dry for 60 min before being placed in a cage.

adopting the runoff approach rather than the going-concern approach means different effects are produced by some types of risks.

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the first tier consists of 176 seats, which are filled by the winners of runoff elections in single-member districts.

the distinction is not innocuous because the effects of majority runoff systems on electoral competition are quite different from those of plurality rule.

the up-estuary, tidally averaged salinity increases with increasing tidal range and decreasing runoff.

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to reduce nitrates in rivers would require reductions in the use of fertilisers, or more specifically in fertiliser runoff, and changes in cropping techniques.

the access cover for the terrace tank was rusted, improperly secured and sunken below ground
cấp độ, allowing surface runoff water to enter the tank.

surface detritus is derived by erosion of the bedrock, and ice deposits contain sandy-silty detritus incorporated from the wind and surface runoff.

turnout fell further to 61% for the runoff.

the fields were fertilized every year by the runoff water from the mountains.

according to these authors, heavy runoff during monsoon rains produces sheet flow, and sediment is actively moved.

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we chose to construct a 3-5 mm aortopulmonary shun so as to reduce the pulmonary diastolic runoff and protect the myocardium from ischaemia.

the latter’s hopes were predicated on forcing a runoff in which he would secure the support of the other parties.

on the livestock side, tighter nutrient cycles can reduce nutrient runoff and subsequent pollution of watersheds5.

the only question was whether he would get an absolute majority, or, falling short of that, be forced into a runoff.

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