The following table shows the latest available data on the number of teacher retirements due to ill-health.

The numbers of retirements relate to teachers in the maintained nursery, primary, secondary and special schools sector.


After so many voluntary redundancies we are coming to the crunch, and there must be some compulsory retirements.

Retirements are taking place and no promotions are being made to fill the vacancies.

The number in the pool fluctuates from time to time because of promotions or retirements.

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The subject of resignations takes in compulsory retirements.

If we take into account the inevitable retirements and resignations, that is really quite a good record for that time.

They have the power not to allow retirements on ill health until disciplinary processes have been completed.

The costs will in part be influenced by retirements in each preceding year.

The numbers of these officers have since been reduced by retirements and other causes, and on 31st ultimo they stood at 141 and 1,091 respectively.

I suspect that one of the reasons for those retirements is the indiscipline in some classes.

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Whatever the strength of the service, there are bound to be retirements taking place—and, therefore, opportunities for recruitment.

What plans he has to reduce the proportion of early retirements from the police.

Since 1965, such retirements have been limited to officers over the age of 50, but the situation will be reviewed early in 1967.

In the same period other losses due to retirements, death and regradings have amounted to 20 and 24 respectively.

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