branch and bound code for linearly constrained global optimization problems with an ob jective containing linear, bilinear, and convex terms, using convex relaxations.

global optimization of polynomial nonlinear programs, using semidefinite relaxations.

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even in rural areas distinct relaxations of neighbourly links were registered.

to highlight the overall strategy of attaching both domain reduction procedures and relaxations to a global constraint, we also analyze domain reduction for element constraints.

bounds derived from the relaxations can be used in a branch-and-bound scheme.

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no research has been done to date on the relaxations of these idealizations.

the voltage-induced conductance relaxations typically occur over hundreds of milliseconds to several seconds.

the observed rate of the overall reaction then could be limited by vibrational relaxations that pull the product ion-pair state out of resonance with the reactant.

inhibition of the gap junctional component of endothelium-dependent relaxations in rabbit ilac artery by 18-alpha glycyrrhetinic acid.

the cutting planes of optimization are designed to strengthen continuous relaxations, but can reduce domains as well, for example if one maintains bounds consistency for them.

then a discussion of important problem transformations follows, in particular of linear, convex, and semilinear (= mixed integer linear) relaxations that are important for handling larger problems.

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nevertheless, we use bounds based on linear programming relaxations, which is the strength of the operations research approach and makes it possible to solve optimisation problems efficiently.

central role of heterocellular gap junctional communication in endothelium-dependent relaxations of rabbit arteries.

motions and relaxations of confined liquids.

any future changes in the rules for eligibility are therefore likely to be relaxations rather than restrictions.

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