the paper describes the approach and lists previously patented inventions that have been reinvented by genetic programming.

section 2 demonstrates that a 19th-century patented invention in mechanical engineering and numerous 20th-century patented inventions can be similarly reinvented by genetic programming.!

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in part, this is because fencing was reinvented as a defensive art, and as a skill that contributed to the development of a polite gentleman.

in most cases, however, the sardar continued on the journey, and reinvented himself as a foreman at destination.

they are treated as a music constantly reinvented and remembered for a period stretching over the impressive length of eight hundred years.

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classifications of the natural world abounded and distinctions between humans, animals, and plants were reinvented.

we now have contact with our neighbouring practices, it’s good, we don’t all go reinventing the wheel.

the being of the trajectory can be reinvented if we restore gravity’s force, its reality-producing power.

once compiled and easily available, these tables would không tính phí successive generations from the empirical task of reinventing the wheel, so to speak.

to make meaningful comments on the fiction as it reflects, expands upon, reorients, or reinvents the life is to provide a psychological context.

we are constantly reinventing our traditions in the various stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, incorporating new experiences and material.

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section 5 then shows that six 21st-century patented inventions can be reinvented by genetic programming.

the skin can be reinvented for each project – and is thus effectively tailor-made.

in other words, genetic programming succeeded, in the earlier work, in reinventing a previously patented invention.

they constantly reinvented themselves to suit the moment-not unlike their gosain partners.

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