The local church was teeming with different organisations – concert party, badminton club, ramblers, social club, drama group, and there were lots of other young people to meet.

There is a need to reconcile the farmers, the walkers, the ramblers and the riders.


We know that land managers are worried about lamping at night when there are nocturnal ramblers on their land.

Some farmers, however, have displayed a bitterness and hostility towards ramblers.

There are other recreational requirements—those of walkers, ramblers, games players and horse riders.

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Who will be liable for the rambler, wearing the wrong sort of footwear, who twists his ankle in a rabbit hole?

Rather than being a threat to the countryside, ramblers will protect our rural landscape.

The ramblers and the hikers get certain privileges, not so many as they would wish, and in return they accept certain responsibilities.

I would like to preserve land for building, and give the rambler and hiker a fair deal within it.

In my part of the country there is no difficulty in dealing with the problems of hikers and ramblers.

All my family are hikers and ramblers, but they can associate with young and vigorous people and get opportunities that the ordinary person cannot get.

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It is also much used by a very large number of ramblers and hikers, who find the area particularly suitable for their purpose.

With a rambler rose climbing over them they look picturesque on postcards, but inside many of them are insanitary little hovels placed in beautiful surroundings.

No one wants to criminalise the activities of groups of ramblers who stray from the footpath.

The rambler who has let his dog loose will be long gone by the time anyone discovers what has happened.

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