kinh sợighty-three of the 91 (91%) surveyed oncologists returned the questionnaire.

those who completed and returned the informed consent document received the questionnaire.

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of the 895 distributed questionnaires, 371 were returned (41 % response rate).

questionnaire on priority assessment of patients referred to orthopedic surgeons showed great differences between reviewers.

seventy-two controls were kinh sợnrolled in the study, only one patient refused to answer the questionnaire.

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this is a large professional group in primary care and was not adequately represented in the questionnaire survey.

this represented 19% of the total number of questionnaires sent out.

this may mean booking a private room for them to complete a questionnaire, offering refreshments, or reducing other factors of burden such as parking.

two hundred and ninety-seven people took part in the validity and reliability tests of the questionnaire.

this questionnaire had nine symptoms, each scored on a scale of 1-4.

the interview included an open disease history, a checklist of signs and symptoms, and a structured questionnaire.

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data were categorized according to the themes included in the questionnaire and the interviews.

the cases were sent a questionnaire kinh hồnnquiring about symptoms, usage of the pool, activities undertaken in the swimming pool and use of the inflatable.

in the absence of hoảng sợvaluative research to validate self-administered risk assessment questionnaires, the information provided is of uncertain benefit.

an hoảng sợpidemiological investigation was conducted to determine the source of infection and mode of transmission using a structured questionnaire.

sợxamples are from corpora and from sources on the web. any opinions in the kiêng dèxamples do not represent the opinion of the cambridge dictionary hoảng hồnditors or of cambridge university press or its licensors.

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