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the reader can see that there are no quantifiers over alternative paths.

moreover, for some cases involving trees we estimate the smallest quantifier depth of a defining formula up to a factor of 1 + o(1).

the meanings of such quantifiers are extra-logical; they cannot be defined in the logic itself.

however, predicted relationships associated with quantifiers also provide an important source of information about how sentences are related.

the quantifier takes its scope by finding an appropriate dependency and consuming it through implication elimination.

this step is essentially like the process of erasing a type quantifier.

well-formed formulae of the constraint sets are built from atomic formulae with the standard logical connectives and quantifiers.

we only describe the atomic case and the definitions that are relative to first-order quantifiers.

synthesizers and quantifiers will always prove vulnerable on one count or another, yet it ill behoves fellow practitioners to protest too loudly.

when the quantifier/qualifier has a ‘ pure degree ‘ interpretation, external agreement is triggered by the quantified/qualified noun.

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universal quantifiers make second-order isomorphisms more effective in searching program libraries since they are necessary if we are to capture parametric polymorphism.

finally, the account allows quantifiers originating from embedded constituents to be passed up in the usual way and assigned scope at an appropriate locus.

if quantifiers are unable to impose narrower and more consistent meanings on older terms, their measures will seem inadequate.

the licensing of count nouns as arguments can be implemented by articles, by the plural, by demonstratives, by quantifiers.

responsible officials sometimes change their behavior in order to outwit the quantifiers.

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