Examples of pushover



And, the word “diehard” has two negative parts but turns out to be positive compared to its antonym “pushover“.

A pushover is meaningless and leads to no result.

Why is he such a pushover when it comes to defending the 17 million people who depend on benefits?

If they think that we are a bit of a pushover, the negotiation will continue placidly for a year or even more.

I hope that it will be a genuine one, and not merely a “pushover” for today’s debate, as someone has suggested.

We know that it will be a pushover.

No one should think they are a pushover, because they are not.

We are not, nor will we be, anyone’s pushovers.

We do not want some sort of bureaucratic pushover for the inquiry.

Far from it; they have let the country become a total pushover for everybody else’s high-tech exports.

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Labour, if in power at the time of the conclusion of the intergovernmental conference, will adopt a constructive approach but will not be a pushover.

We are not a pushover in this part of the world.

For once the teachers have organised themselves into a solid, like-thinking phalanx with no thought whatsoever of this being a pushover for the employers.

He is a right old pushover.

It will never be a pushover.

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Translations of pushover

in Chinese (Traditional)

易做的事, 易被人說服(或影響、擊敗)的人…

in Chinese (Simplified)

易做的事, 易被人说服(或影响、击败)的人…

in Spanish

ser pan comido, presa fácil, incauto…

in Portuguese

ser moleza…

in more languages

in French

in Czech

in Danish

in Indonesian

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in Thai

in Vietnamese

in Malay

in German

in Norwegian

in Italian

orang, dsb., yang mudah dikalahkan…

người dễ thuyết phục, việc dễ làm…

orang yg mudah terpengaruh…

leicht zu beeinflussender Mensch…

(avversario non temibile), (partita facile)…

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