The manufacturing team develops fabrication plans for the prototypes developed by the design team.

Moreover, certain psychological phenomena suggest a structural reality underlying prototype effects.


Visual recognition and categorization on the basis of similarities to multiple class prototypes.

Good recognition of a previously unseen prototype can be explained by its relatively large mean similarity to exemplars in its class.

The transactions supported by the prototype application are relatively simple ones, with relatively simple rules of thumb used to direct the system’s next move.

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If a prototype is ultimately encoded in the network directly, it then becomes important to understand the process by which integration would create it.

The prototype, we are told, has electric motors on each wingtip to drive folding propellers.

Taking all string sequences together, the prototype achieved a score of 94.7% in detecting and extracting headed compounds.

Again, this throw-away prototype is ascertained with the assistance of reviews and milestones.

The abstract nature of paper prototypes may produce abstract user feedback.

Thus, the prototype machine did not have a usable interface which meant experimentation was time-consuming and error-prone.

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In this prototype communication aid, messages do not have to be organised manually.

Many works from the area of multi-legged walking machines are dedicated to the mechanical design and motion generation principles considering single prototypes.

Clearly, the prototype type pan-tilt visual tracking system is able to track a moving human object successfully.

The rational curve (4.2) can serve as a prototype for constructing higher-dimensional rational eigenloci attached to any finite-order element of the modular group.

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