the wave propagates along the azimuthal angle, across an external axial steady magnetic field, and is referred to as the azimuthal surface wave.

otherwise, lower-hybrid waves would have accumulated, propagating around the periodic system.

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the physical polarities of electromagnetic waves propagating in a magnetoplasma-filled cylindrical waveguide are studied by numerical calculations and simple analytical analyses.

the images show an isotropic expanding ionization cloud, but also thin jets propagating at higher speed, produced in the laser focal spot region.

the theory developed is based on a closed consistent description of the steady wave propagating across the magnetic field.

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in this case, a burn wave propagates into the dense core away from the incoming laser while hydrodynamics không lấy phí expansion proceeds towards the beam.

thus, there are two independent electromagnetic beams propagating in the direction of the magnetostatic field.

such an oppositely propagating pair of beams may arise from a reconnection event, for example.

the system automatically propagated the constraints generated by the designer’s decisions and alerted the designer of any conflicts.

the following relation is a ‘bottom-up parallel extension’ of the composition rule, which propagates and duplicates the applications of this rule inside terms.

otherwise, any fluent f1 in 1 which does not unify with f is propagated without inducing an equality.

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by propagating exhaustive demand and generating two versions, our code is similar to that generated for a strict language, and hence the speeds are comparable.

starting from the designated main function, it traverses function bodies from outermost to innermost, propagating exact shapes as far as possible.

when the laser pulse propagates in plasmas, its transverse electric field is converted into the longitudinal field of the plasma wave, which accelerates the particles.

changes have propagated through benthic invertebrates, with the macrofauna changing from echinoids and large clams to opportunistic brittle stars and polychaetes.

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