profound adjective (extreme)

his mother’s death when he was aged six had a very profound effect on him.

thesaurus: synonyms, antonyms, and examples
  • strongi felt a strong urge to hug him.
  • powerfulanger is one of the most powerful human emotions.
  • intenseshe learned that even intense emotional pain passes.
  • fiercethe people have a fierce pride in their country.
  • deephe suffered from a deep feeling of inadequacy.
  • deep-seatedhe has a deep-seated loathing of snobbery.

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profound adjective (showing understanding)

“dying is easy – it’s living that’s the problem.” “that was very profound of you, steven.”

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profound | từ điển anh mỹ

profound adjective (extreme)

profound adjective (showing understanding)

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các ví dụ của profound


unlike chronic stress, traumatic events can be single occurrences that have a profound impact on the individual and his or her development.

the distinction between activation and integration has profound implications for predicting and understanding interactions between event codes.

perhaps their insistence on the unity of economic science explains why their seminal contributions have had such a profound impact on the entire field.

have philosophers not offered us profound advice on practical questions such as how to live and what to value?

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i agree that these issues plus additional, as yet undiscovered, effects can have profound influences on brain dynamics.

the profound differences among the religious traditions are due to the different ways in which the transcendent reality is experienced and conceived in human life.

meanwhile, the needs of the day are profound, as is outlined in a later section of this article on critical directions for future work.

first, religious diversity will and should have a profound impact on many exclusivists and the epistemic status of their beliefs.

there is profound disagreement among scholars on this issue.

it has had a profound effect on my life ever since.

its concerns have less to do with profound causes than with distributive goods, such as political appointments or preferential benefits in public policies.

although formally small, this term exerts a profound effect on the resulting dynamics.

however, tectonic/magmatic events exerted the most profound influence.

an important aspect of ref lection and new existence was learning from the patients’ perspectives whether myeloma had changed them in any profound way.

and these films had a profound effect on style, slang and notions of masculinity.

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bản dịch của profound

trong tiếng trung quốc (phồn thể)

極度的, 強烈的, 深沉的…

trong tiếng trung quốc (giản thể)

极度的, 强烈的, 深沉的…

trong tiếng tây ban nha

profundo, profundo/da [masculine-feminine, singular]…

trong tiếng bồ Đào nha


trong tiếng việt

sâu, uyên thâm…

in more languages

trong tiếng thổ nhĩ kỳ

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trong tiếng pháp

trong tiếng séc

trong tiếng Đan mạch

trong tiếng indonesia

trong tiếng thái

trong tiếng ba lan

trong tiếng malay

trong tiếng Đức

trong tiếng na uy

trong tiếng nga

trong tiếng Ý

çok büyük, derin, esaslı…

profond/-onde, profon/-onde, grave…

dyp, dyptgripende, alvorlig…

глубокий, серьезный, прочувствованный…

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