Vocabulary instruction was the least useful form of support, regardless of proficiency level.

How can one measure the extent of a person’s bilingual proficiency?


The goal of the task is to assess a person’s language competence, language expression (production/performance), and proficiency.

Results showed that students taught to use strategies showed significant improvement on oral proficiency tests.

Their results showed that oral language proficiency, by itself, was not a good predictor of word-reading ability.

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This cross-sectional study of 182 learners at six levels of proficiency produced over 8,200 predicates.

This means that, at a given level of proficiency, happy, unhappy, and happiness are counted as one item.

Teachers’ ratings of proficiency significantly related to children’s grammatical performance in both languages.

Another factor may be level of language proficiency in each language and possibly the structural relation between the two languages.

Regression analyses showed that reading proficiency was related to vocabulary size in both languages and to level of phonological awareness.

A statistically significant difference in perceived efficacy was found with self-reported proficiency in the language of the students.

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Narrative discourse proficiency of learning disabled students : differences between elicitation procedures.

The children are presented in ascending order of proficiency.

The sweet tooth exhibits specificity and proficiency for motivating people to seek out such foods or to choose these foods when given a choice.

A reading comprehension and vocabulary test3 was administered to assess the participant’s reading proficiency and vocabulary knowledge.

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