Elites obtain symbolic capital or social prestige through the associations.

Furthermore, there is a general perception that there is more prestige involved in treatment than in prevention.


Metaphors do not poverty make, but through cultural discourse practices are valorized, options legitimated and statuses lent prestige or disparagement.

For this it won international appreciation and prestige.

The colonel’s prestige and influence within the military ascended accordingly.

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As will become clear later, this means that artists and producers located in lower prestige groups were more reluctant to be interviewed.

I also asked them to rate artists on a prestige scale from 1 to 10 according to the respect they personally felt for their work.

To summarise, songwriters generally have more prestige than interpreters, but prestige is above all a function of where artists are located in the field.

As a result, the regression equation may underestimate the relationship between success and prestige among older artists.

They described artists with low prestige as ‘useless’, arguing that they ‘could have never existed and it would not have changed anything about anything’.

They associated prestige with artists who were ‘real stars’, who were recognised on the street, who were talked about.

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In spatial terms, districts were informal clusters of villages within a loosely defined geographical area whose inhabitants practiced intermarriage and exchanged trade and prestige goods.

Instead, the concept of three ‘ sorts of people ‘ expressed a rudimentary perception of broad, rough-edged affinities between occupations of similar wealth, administrative power, and prestige.

Similar to the figures, height has little impact on prestige; rather, status is expressed in vertical placement.

As noted, the latter groups tend to be placed in positions of lesser prestige within relief sculptures and in architectural space.

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