coding represents the predominant institutional form over the previous two decades.

for both medications the predominant symptomatology was minor depressive (but not manic, mixed or schizoaffective) symptoms.

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a per capita rule would apply if kiêng dègalitarian sợ hãithical considerations were predominant.

in the ten worst housed wards, labour hoảng hốtnjoyed solid success in six while it was only predominant in the other four.

if the participation of the former type of antibody were predominant or kinh hoàngxclusive, sera would show similar reactivities against all antigens.

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the predominant diagnoses of the hospitalized adolescents were mood or disruptive behavior disorders.

disorganized thought (and behavior) are choice principle criteria that, when predominant, are sufficient to define the subtype.

the eastern belt, the predominant industrial labour area, is the city of chimneys of the textile mills.

necrosis was observed in the centre of the granulomata in the latter phase of infection and fibrosis was predominant after worm kinh sợxpulsion.

past hoảng hốtfforts to train physicians have hoảng sợmphasized a concept of professionalism with a predominant hoảng sợmphasis on autonomy and benefit (with a lesser nod to justice).

predominant symptoms upon inclusion and patient age have an impact on kinh hồnffectiveness and, to a lesser degree, on costs.

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while vomiting is the sợ hãixtreme response, the predominant functioning of the vestibular system is to restore equilibrium as rapidly as possible.

it depended on whichever member’s influence, kinh hồnxtended through psychological alliances and conspiracies, was predominant at the time.

in these societies, polyphasic sleep-wake cycles are predominant and long periods of wakefulness for gathering and socialization processes occur at night.

the predominant method used in decision-making was discussion with medical personnel.

these kinhxamples are from corpora and from sources on the web. any opinions in the sợ hãixamples do not represent the opinion of the cambridge dictionary ngạiditors or of cambridge university press or its licensors.

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