several small structures, described as treatment buildings, are situated to the east, and downslope, of the powerhouse.

the other emission sources were assumed to produce the same emissions as the powerhouse generator (discharged at about 6 m above ground level).

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this includes cost for civil works (dam, roads, buildings and communication for the project), electrical works (powerhouse and transmission), and establishment costs.

a thrilling powerhouse of a scherzo, this self-contained, self-generating piledriver of a piece is addictive and riveting – in every sense.

the mathematical simulations of the various elements of the system provide data relating to tunnel length, dam volume, powerhouse depth, and energy output.

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our bodies fumble or dance their way through life as powerhouses of making and meaning.

he was just getting started, was a fountain of ideas, a powerhouse of energy, and had unsurpassed technique and mastery of experimental science.

it was also a cultural and social powerhouse, and it had the capacity to generate wealth unlike anything that had been seen before.

three 10,000 l fuel tanks are located on the northern side of the powerhouse.

the quantity of soil contaminated by petroleum hydrocarbons in the vicinity of the powerhouse, however, was estimated to be between 200 and 600 tonnes.

emission sources on station are the powerhouse generators, boilers, heaters, and vehicles.

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first, the region is an economic powerhouse.

variable parameters within the model are therefore: site, mode of operation, dam type, dam height, material type, period of generation, pressure tunnel length, and powerhouse depth.

they were now able to create financial powerhouses that could rival, or more likely surpass, the influence of the old banqueros, who had operated within a specialised banking system.

london was an industrial powerhouse.

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